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Jul 20 2009

Sell The Rally… Technical Tips From Dan Gramaz

Hello everyone, this is Dan Gramza and welcome to Gramza Market
Studies Technical Tip.

Well today we’re going to be talking about selling rallies. Now what
does it mean when people say, “sell the rally” when you want to
get into a trade? Or they sell a pull back? Or you hear things like,
“The Trend Is Your Friend?”

Well we’re going to explore this here in just a minute. I want to show
you the technique and I want to show you some examples of how
these markets behave in those settings.

I want to show you an example, but before I can talk to you too much
about this example I need to define a few things for you. First candles…
the approach that I use with Japanese candle charts, and that is what
you’re looking at here, is not the standard approach. So from my
I don’t focus on patterns, I focus on behavior. If we see a green candle
that represents buying, that means that the closing price is higher than
the open. If you see a red box that represents selling it means that the
closing price is below that opening price. If you see a white line on top
that’s called a shadow, I think that represents selling. If you see a
line on the bottom that represents buying. Now with that in mind, the
of the bodies and the shadows tell us about the degree of buying or

Now let’s talk about this set-up here…

To get the rest of the tips, please visit the link below and WATCH me!
Sell The Rally Video

May 11 2009

Learn Explosive Stock Market Secrets!

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May 6 2009

Is Gold going up or is it going down?

Today we’re going to take a look at the gold market. While many traders have been frustrated with this market for the past several month, it has in fact performed quite well given the generally negative feeling for most markets.

While the printing press is going at full-tilt in the US and the fact that most people are not involved in the gold market at the present time, it occurs to us that this market could indeed be setting itself up for a nice rally.

Click here to see the video

In our this video, Adam will explain in detail some key levels to watch for in the gold market. If these levels are broken then you definitely want to take a position in the direction of the major trend.

As always, this video is available with our compliments and there is no registration required.

Click here to see the video

Mar 27 2009

Video Analysis for S&P and Crude Oil Markets…
What Will They Do Next?

Two trending markets revisited…

Last week I watched a video analysis of the S&P and Crude Oil markets. The technical analysis was right on at the time, but those markets have changed quite a bit in the last few days. The S&P had a huge rally and Crude seemed to steady out, so what’s the new analysis? Glad you asked!

Below are two free videos, one on Crude Oil and one on the S&P, that gives us an in depth technical look into these markets. Again the videos are free and very informative.

S&P Video Analysis Click Here

Crude Oil Projections Video Click Here

Please leave a comment and let me know you thoughts.

Jan 9 2009

Free Report “How To Win In The Stock Market”

We are now offering a Free Report “The Three Things You Must Do To Win In The Stock Market”. This report was written be Mike Swanson in a very easy to read format. Just by reading this report and implementing what Mike teaches, you will save yourself 1000’s of dollars of mistakes. If you use this information you are sure to make more money. Just sign up for our news letter on the right and we will send the report right to your email.

Jan 6 2009

Interview With Dave Skarica On The Stock Market

This week I interviewed Dave Skarica with Addicted to Profits about the stock market. Dave is a very savvy investor and in this interview he talks about some markets where you can make a very good return on your investment. Below is where you can sign up for Dave’s Free Newsletter and learn a lot more about Dave and his very informative website.

Dec 9 2008

“Interview With Mike Swanson
From Wall Street Window”

This week I interviewed Mike Swanson of Wall Street Window. Mike has a lot of great insight and you will enjoy listening to him. Mike reveals some great information that you don’t want to miss. As promised in the interview Mike will be opening up his membership on January 14th but for my listeners, he is giving you a one day head start. Just a fair warning he sold out in only two hours the last time he opened it up.  Here is a link to his website to get you in Click Here to Vist Mike’s Website I will send out an email the day before to remind you, so make sure you sign in for my free newsletter.

Here is the link to the charting website Stock charts

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In the mean time please enjoy the Podcast that I already have on the site and let us know what you would like to see or hear next.

Be well and prosper!

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Nov 8 2008

Stock Market Crash Explained

With the recent turmoil in the stock market, understanding a stock market crash will keep you head of the game.

In this audio I will talk about what indicators to look for before a crash and ways you can benefit from a crash. There is also a text version of this audio in the Seminar tab located near the top.

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Nov 8 2008

Penny Stocks Explained

Penny stocks are great investments for beginners and advance traders looking for a large return on a small investment.

In this audio I will talk about what to look for in a penny stock, looking for market indicators and what kind of research to do. There is also a text version of this audio in the Seminar tab located near the top.

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